Computer Networking - Chapter 3 Notes

This is an outline of the networking textbook in preparation for the ecse414 midterm. The last part of the chapter is not here as I didn’t have time to fill it in. Don’t know if it will be helpful to anyone.


  • Transport layer multiplexing
    • wrap data in transport layer header in a segment
  • demultiplexing
    • unwrap data in transport layer segment
  • for both, sockets have unique identifiers
  • two of the special fields (headers) in the segments are
    • source port number field
    • destination port number field
    • each is 16-bit int from 0 to 65535
    • port numbers ranging from 0 to 1023 are well-known port numbers and are restricted
  • connectionless demultiplexing
    • UDP socket created has a tuple identifier with dest. IP and dest. port and just replies on those
  • connected demux
    • TCP socket identified by 4-tuples
      • source IP address
      • source port number
      • dest IP address
      • dest port number
Written on October 14, 2014