single-cell western blotting

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Basically to study cell differentiation and understand how that happens, need analytic tools that are optimized for protein analysis of many cells at a single cell resolution without perturbing protein or cell function. Currently, proteome-wide studies are limited to readouts from synthetic fluorescent-protein fusion libraries (perturb protein function). Anti-body based assays are vulnerable to cross-reactions and contamination. Western blotting discriminates more between molecules and thus is less affected by this, but the fact that you average cell behaviours in the population masks single-cell behaviours found in complex populations. Need about a 1000 cells for each electrophoresis assay of lysate.

They introduce a scalable open-microwell array architecture for single cell western blotting. Simultaneous assays of ~2000 cells in <4h. I kind of got lazy and skimmed the rest of the paper, basically it’s just Western blotting, but in a microarray.

Written on October 20, 2014