Apple Watch and iPhone 6

So like many, I watched the Apple Special Event and boy was I unimpressed.

The iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus) essentially looks like a pimped out Samsung Galaxy, which it basically is. And the Apple Watch looks like the Galaxy Gear, but again, pimped out.

I don't know what happened to the originality that came with Apple products, but it's gone. Oh don't get me wrong, Apple still knows how to put on a show, and in terms of software iOS 8 looks pretty slick and has a lot of really useful features (including the Apple Pay system). I'll take it easy on the iPhone 6, because really, what more do you need in a phone... but the Apple Watch was supposed to have the signature innovation that comes with Apple entering a new domain.

First the personal computer, then the music player, then the Phone, Apple has consistently transformed industries. But the aWatch (because it's not longer iAnything, it's just the Apple Watch)? Nope. The fitness stuff is the same as the Basis B1 (a fantastic watch) has had for years and the Basis is almost $200 cheaper and gives you more fitness data. Okay, so maybe you want a fancier watch with a touch screen? What makes this different than the LG G watch or the Samsung Gear?

It certainly looks the same. And let's be honest, the presenter barely once used the "Digital Crown" which was so raved about in the intro video. It's just a slick looking watch that looks just like every other watch and has just about the same features as every other watch. Nothing new. Nothing innovative. Nothing Apple. Back to the drawing board, because past a bunch of gimmicks, there's really nothing to the Watch that hasn't already been done in nearly the exact same manner.

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Written on September 9, 2014