Now You See Me: A Corny Story Made Okay By A Decent Plot Twist

Now You See Me ( is a flashy "dramedy" with many exaggerated elements in the same spirit as Zombieland. Though the story itself was interesting and had many twists and turns, the sheer unbelievably made me feel somewhat detached from the story. I suppose that the creators of the film were going for the whole concept of "we don't have to explain it, just believe it," but as a Blake Snyder once said in his screenwriting guide, Save the Cat, you shouldn’t have “Double Mojo” in a story. That means you can have one unbelievable element to a story, but not more.

In this movie, I was just hit with too many corny scenes and too much mojo to really get into it. The CGI “Magic Tricks,” that clearly could never be real, (such as one of the actresses floating in a balloon or a cape magically fluttering around and spawning another magical device) really kept me from fully enjoying the film.

But even getting past that, much of the acting seemed to forced to really enjoy. Jessie Eisenberg essentially played the same character as he did in the Social Network, just as a magician. He does, however, play this role well. Mark Ruffalo and Morgan Freeman also did decently in making their performances convincing (Mark Ruffalo especially because I completely didn’t see the twist at the end coming). However, the situational comedy that was played into dramatic sequences just didn’t work, not even with the all-star cast.

As the title to this article says, however, there is a significant plot twist at the end of the movie, which actually made it somewhat worthwhile. It is one of the few movies where I really didn’t see it coming. WARNING: SPOILER BEYOND THIS POINT. It does something which I kind of admire, which is making the main character cover his true identity through the whole movie, tricking everyone – including the audience. So, overall, the film was a mediocre rendition of a children’s “magic” show that tried to add an adult plot twist to expand the viewing audience.

Written on June 24, 2013