Publications (including pre-prints)

Invited Talks

Bayesian Policy Gradients via Alpha Divergence Dropout Inference
Bayesian Deep Learning Workshop, NIPS, 2017
Ethical Challenges in Data-Driven Dialogue Systems
AAAI/ACM conference on Ethics and Safety, 2018
OptionGAN: Learning Joint Reward-Policy Options using Generative Adversarial Inverse Reinforcement Learning
AAAI, 2018

Reproducibility of Benchmarked Deep Reinforcement Learning Tasks for Continuous Control
Reproducibility in Machine Learning (RML) Workshop @ ICML, 2017
Montréal AI Symposium, 2017

Benchmark Environments for Multitask Learning in Continuous Domain
Lifelong Learning: A Reinforcement Learning Approach Workshop @ ICML, 2017
Underwater Multi-Robot Convoying Using Visual Tracking by Detection
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2017
A Survey of Available Corpora for Building Data-Driven Dialogue Systems
ArXiv, 2017

Cost Adaptation for Robust Decentralized Swarm Behaviour
ArXiv, 2017

Cost Implanted intracortical electrodes as chronic neural interfaces to the central nervous system
PeerJ PrePrints, 2015