English (Native), Russian (Rusty Native), Spanish (Intermediate), French (Beginner)

Programming Languages

Java, Python, Javascript, C, C++, Objective-C, Matlab, OCaml, TTCN-3, Bash, and more…

Assorted Technologies I've used before

Pytorch, Tensorflow, Keras, Theano, Git, Eclipse, Apache Spark, MySQL/PSQL/DB2, MongoDB, HAProxy, Monit, OpenGL, All the AWS things (DynamoDB, EC2, S3, etc.)


How your brain ticks (Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Psychology), Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Networking, Game Design, Computer Graphics, and BioMEMS


Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Natural Language Processing, Network Analysis, Micro- and Nano-bioengineering, and more

Other Skills and Experience

Reviewer for IROS 2017 (2 reviews)


M.Sc. Computer Science
McGill University, Montréal, Québec
Thesis: Reproducibility and Reusability in Deep Reinforcement Learning
B.Eng. Software Engineering [Minor in Biomedical Engineering]
McGill University, Montréal, Québec
Thesis: Autonomous Swarm Behaviour in Mesh Networked Agents
Barnstable High School
Hyannis, MA

Work Experience

Oct 2017 - Present
Applied Scientist
@ Amazon (Alexa Brain)
Python, PyTorch, Keras, Theano, Tensorflow
  • Working on the Alexa Brain Conversational AI team. Making Alexa have better conversations using deep reinforcement learning.
Sep - Oct 2017
@ McGill University
@ Mobile Robotics Lab / Reasoning and Learning Lab
Python, TensorFlow, MuJoCo, PyTorch
  • As part of thesis work, conducted research at the robotics lab in simulation and on physical robotic systems.
Jan - Apr 2017
Teaching Assistant, Comp 202: Intro. to Computing
@ McGill University
  • Graded assignments and exams. Held office hours and tutorials on basic programming principles in Java.
Sep - Dec 2016
Teaching Assistant, Comp 303: Software Design
@ McGill University
  • Graded assignments and exams. Held office hours and tutorials on software design practices.
Jun 2015 - Sep 2016
Software Development Engineer
@ Amazon
DynamoDB, EC2, SimpleDB, S3, EBS, Java, Python, Bash
  • Worked on AWS New Initiatives including Storage Gateway and several unannounced features and products.
  • Developed internal tool for automatically analyzing high severity events for quicker response times and recommended actions to mitigate the problem.
  • Developed tooling for migrating database systems safely and with minimal downtime, used the tools in a live production environment.
  • Developed and architected the core code of a currently unannounced product along with a small agile team.
  • Supported customers and participated in maintaining the live production Storage Gateway system.
Jan - Apr 2015
Course Assistant, Math 363: Discrete Mathematics
@ McGill University
  • Created answer keys and graded homework assignments.
May - Aug 2014
Software Engineering Intern
@ A Thinking Ape
Python, Django, Apache (server), Spark, Hadoop, Bash, Redis, MySQL, haproxy, monit, Javascript, HTML/CSS
  • Worked on Realtime Bidding System for buying mobile ad space, initially with Mopub and OpenX
  • Used Django/Python, MySQL, Apache, HAProxy, Monit and other server technologies to achieve a round trip time of < 100 ms for tens of thousands of requests per second
  • Was the lead developer for a logging, analysis, and machine learning tool for analyzing and learning bidding models using Python, Spark, and Hadoop among other tools. Also created a web interface for ease-of-use and handled initial server configurations, setup, and monitoring.
  • Developed additional internal metrics tools for analyzing acquired user value and retention statistics within the company’s mobile games
  • Saw Realtime Bidding system to a soft launch for internal advertising
Sept - Nov 2013
Research Assistant and Software Developer
@ McGill Centre For BioInformatics
Javascript, Phonegap, Objective-C, Java
  • Worked briefly on Phylo, an online game to crowd source the matching of phylogenetic data
  • Used Phonegap and Javascript to begin porting application to mobile devices
Jan - Aug 2013
Research and Software Development Intern
@ Ericsson
Java, Jenkins, TTCN-3, Javascript, HTML/CSS
  • Worked on Web Communication Gateway, a Java backend application for exposing Real Time Communication services (RCS) to clients over a REST interface that can handle millions of users per rack and hundreds of thousands of users per instance.
  • Initially developed and designed proprietary TTCN-3 Framework for SIP/HTTP/MSRP signaling and set up automated testing system through Jenkins
  • Quickly became part of the core Research & Development Team developing the commercial product in Java, cross validating and implementing functionality/tests based on RCS/Telecommunications specifications including SIP/MSRP/HTTP signaling and multithreaded systems.
  • Saw product from pre-commercial redesign stage to commercial launch
  • Also expanded features of test/web client and Javascript API for the WCG product for Customer Presentations
Sept-Dec 2012
Research Assistant and Software Developer
@ McGill DDMAL Music Technology Laboratory
Python, Django, C++
  • Worked on web application pipeline for image processing and Optical Music Recognition in Python called Rodan

Kind of Irrelevant Experience

July 2010 - Aug 2012
Produce Manager
@ Fancy's Marketplace (Osterville, MA)
  • Work seasonally as stock staff. Promoted to Produce Manager Summer, 2012.
June - Sept 2009
@ Wimpy's Restaurant & Tavern (Osterville, MA)
July - Sept 2008
Prep Cook (ServSafe Certified)
@ Dockside Restaurant & Bar (Hyannis, MA)
June - Sept 2007
Prep Cook and Cashier
@ Cape Cod Bagel Co. (Falmouth, MA)