Suits! Should you be excited for the July 16 Season 3 Premiere?

Suits is a brilliantly crafted show that keeps you captivated with the cut-throat life of a corporate lawyer. So to answer the question posed in the title: hell yes, you should be excited! If you haven’t seen Suits yet, I highly recommend it.

Though corny at times, its witty humor and slick-talking characters make create an enticing back and forth banter. Sometimes, the dialogue makes you wish you could be a corporate lawyer just to be in a position to use some of the comebacks and quick-draw comments against an opponent in court.

The acting itself is believable and generally well done. Gabriel Macht is phenomenal as Harvey Specter. The sly and devious attitude that he portrays is exactly how I imagine a top-shot lawyer who almost never loses cases to be. Partrick J. Adams and Rick Hoffman both portray their characters to the T as well. Though Rick Hoffman’s constantly morphing facial expressions bothered me in the first few episodes, I came to realize that those facial expressions really instill uncomfortableness in me around the character - which is exactly how all the characters in the show is supposed to be feeling. So in reality, Hoffman’s performance brings out in the viewer the same emotions one would feel as a character in the show: an impressive feat of acting. Lastly, of the female actors in the show. They all are brilliant in their portrayal of their characters as well, particularly Gina Torres (who you may know from Firefly). Torres’ fits the role of a powerful woman struggling to keep her underlings in check, not to mention control of her lawfirm. Meghan Markle and Sarah Rafferty aren’t just pretty faces to add to the show either. Their performances accent the protagonists’ struggles and add an emotional depth for a bunch of cut-throat lawyers.

That being said, the writing is also fantastic. The writers (particularly Aaron Korsh, the creator of the show) capture the characters perfectly. The quick paced and witty dialogue keeps you focused and not wanting to miss a beat. Each moment in the show carries a purpose and makes you feel like there’s not real filler dialogue. This is refreshing in today’s world of repetitive procedural dramas.

All in all, the writing, the acting, and the cinematography of this show all colluded to force me into giving this show a rave review. I highly recommend it to be given a runthrough. The pilot will be enough to captivate you into following the next two seasons. One can only hope the third season will be as good.

Written on July 1, 2013